Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I haven't posted anything in a few weeks... so hello out there :) The good news is that I've done several custom orders that have kept my nose to proverbial grindstone. I've also been hard at work updating my shop with new items and improved photos. I've discovered the power of the 'color balance' edit option in Kodak Easyshare. Once I've clicked on that option, and balanced it, then I go to 'scene balance' and adjust the exposure and highlights for purer color and a brighter background. It's like I got new glasses that I can share with everyone!
Here are a couple of my new listings, the orange/yellow pair of earrings are called "hello sunshine" (it's rained here for four days straight, and I was channeling some sunshine), and the green pair are called " s o o n" becuase I know that soon the grass will begin to green, the garden beds will have green shoots, and we'll be on our way to spring loveliness!


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