Wednesday, March 31, 2010

deep, passionate espresso

I snagged a treasury on Etsy this afternoon, and my theme is espresso. I LOVE coffee!!!! Take a peek at these lovely handmade (with love) items!
Here is the url, since I can't figure how to get a screen shot on here :)

connect the dots

From point A which I didn't realize I had started until point D made itself known has left me 3 inside connections to make. A misunderstanding, an unasked question, an unsaid thought up to the moment that I was told that I created harm has lead me to know that I owe an apology for harming one I love... without knowing precisely what I said and how I said 'it'.

It's time to connect the dots and restore balance inside of this relationship. Honesty is difficult to return to with clear recollection, for it is the internal experiencing of it and the ensuing reactions that we really remember - not exactly the words that were said or their intention.

At this point, the most important thing seems to just be loving and let the rest take care of itself as it does.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Whilst I was sneaking around the forums in Etsy tonight, it struck me... I have a blog! I hopped over here, and my last entry was May, 2009 according to Google - gulp. I had totally forgotten about it.

Sometimes in my eagerness for creating, I forget to do the other stuff that one should be doing to help along one's success rate.

So, memories, light the corners of my mind, and now this little corner of cyberspace. Hello to old friends, hello to (hopefully) new ones as well.

I'm back.


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