Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This morning, I clicked my way to the storque news on etsy about photography and light boxes... and ever-so-nicely asked my husband if he thought we had what I needed around the house to make a light box as shown on the web page displayed. As if I intended to make one today. Now I have one - YaY! I had to go to the store for one little thing that he needed to complete the project, and I took my first photos in it tonight! Yippee!

Love is grand, and grander a lover who is very handy with a picture :)

I'm off to capture the light and play, no matter what time of day!!!!


Walk in the Woods said...

Congrats! I should probably think about one for the winter months ... but even then, I love going outside, facing the challenges of the elements, for that awesome natural light!

Kerstin said...

it's just now beginning to cool off here, and as much as I love taking photos outdoors, I wanted the option of a light box.


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