Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Directions, New Designs

Inspiration comes from many places. Some fantastic, and others quite benign. This week, I've been inspired by people. My musical friends and my favorites on etsy.

I've added a few new items today - please hop on over to etsy and take a peek. While you're there, check out some of my favorites also -

They're all unique and wonderful :) Bree has a photograph of a piano that I just love. Mary Ellen makes my favorite kind of dish cloths. MADART does beautiful art with design and color.

While I'm at it - here's a shout out to the members of the Cape Fear Songwriter's Guild, and the Moore County Songwriter's group - you have all inspired me with your music and your hearts.



MAD ART said...

Thank you So much for adding me to your blog Kerstin!

I'm very honored you like my art so much to comment on :)

Thank you!

All the Best,

Kerstin said...

aw, shucks :) you're welcome, Megan

Vyeshi said...

great blog!

I've tagged you on my blog.
Check it out!

Kerstin said...

thanks vyeshi :)


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