Friday, January 2, 2009

checking in

It feels like a very long time since I've posted anything here. I miss writing when I feel too busy/rushed/involved in other things to stop and examine what I'm thinking about. I also have little tolerance for excuses for not doing something, particularly my own excuses.

Instead of that, I will share with you that the time that I spent with family over the past couple of weeks was absolutely priceless. We connected, shared, laughed, cried and felt the joy that was present in our gathering to celebrate. Random comment: if you have not played "Partini" - it's a board game - you really should rush out to purchase it, and then invite your family and/or friends over for a blast! It's a great game, and winning almost takes a second seat to the fun it is to play. So, back to my earlier thoughts - each year we all go through things that we don't expect to, we learn things that we don't necessarily want to, and gain experiences that we couldn't foresee...

There were a couple of kind of big things that affected all of us - a family member with a diagnosis of a brain disorder, and a marraige that came apart... Each of us has worried, prayed, rejoiced and cried... alone. The gathering of all of us provided healing, comfort, and the easing of anxiety when you see for yourself that one you love and worry about is in fact, doing well in spite of the burdens they've beared.

So, hallelujiah for love and family. Hooray for hugs and laughter. Here's to whatever tomorrow has in store with a strength and a smile.

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Barbra said...

Ahhh,life...sometimes it's a swamp and other times it's a field of wild flowers glorious in bloom. Here's to a bloomin' 2009!!


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