Thursday, November 6, 2008

green orbilicious

Just listed :)
I almost want to keep them for myself because the Good Lord knows that I don't have enough earrings (heh). It's just that the beads were hard to come by, and I don't have any more of them... they remind me of a wonderful planet somewhere in the universe.
Also, just say 'orbilicious' out loud... feels nice, huh? If you're at work just wait til you're driving home or something...


Devin said...

Amazing earring I love the color:0)You have a wonderful blog and etsy shop.I am following your blog now:0)

Digital Misfit said...

Great color and I am lovin' those beads!

Kathy said...

Great earrings. On the blog question, I just upload them and then click on left or right. It always puts them at the top but if you click on it, you can drag it down to where you want it. Hope that helps! If not convo me and we can talk more. Good luck!


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