Sunday, November 9, 2008

omg - savin' my beans for this!

I was just browsin' tonight, checkin' out who has left me a heart in my etsy shop :) (thanks to all of you)... and I had a heart from Ralph.

It's oddly wonderful that Ralph is from Minneapolis, because St. Paul/ Minneapolis is my home town area, though I've been in NC over twenty years....

I scrolled through Ralph's shop, and I became smitten with this made-just-for-me listing. For those who know me a bit, it's no surprise that this would speak to my heart - my coffee addicted heart, my hot tea lovin' heart, my one-more-mug-is-not-enough kind of heart.

So, I'm hoping that either someone who loves me very much happens upon this manipulative and conniving post, or that my own earning power is great enough for one tiny little self indulgent thing!

I'm off to look for items which one wishes fervently upon...falling stars, four leaf clovers...

I almost don't want to tell you where to find Ralph's shop, I want to keep and covet it as my secret... but I know you want to take a peek - go on, it's ok, and I'm sure that he would enjoy the company!

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