Tuesday, November 25, 2008

new new new

I've been working, working, working (happily) creating, photographing, and uploading: here's a few samples.

I've started with a bit of sterling silver wire this week - wire wrapping is an art, and I practiced quite a bit with inexpensive wire (not intended for jewelry tha I found in my husband's store of amazing things in the garage). Sterling feels different, it's easier to manipulate than my practice wire, but I'm glad I practiced hoops, loops, curves, wrapping, etc. before doing it with the much more expensive sterling!

Unrelated, but just as fulfilling and happy to me, is my daughter shall arrive here from college for the Thanksgiving break in less than an hour :) Happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers, I wish the best for you and your loved ones.


Kathy said...

The jewelry is beautiful...and have a wonderful time with your daughter. It's so great whenthey come home to visit.

Kerstin said...

thanks, Kathy :) I am enjoying my time with her around immensely!


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