Wednesday, November 5, 2008

photographs and memories

It's wednesday evening and I thought that I had to work tonight, but I got there and wasn't supposed to be there for another 24 hours, so here I am, working on the blog post that I thought I would get finished earlier today.

I've spent the past couple of days contorted in and around my new light box, camera in hand. The time and effort has paid off and I'm slowly changing photos in my webshop for better color and clarity of the items I find so fun to make.

In addition, I've found myself ruminating over a dear friendship that has drifted into polite aquaintence, and wishing that we were given a magic moment of clarity prior to the loss of what was precious, so that we could say nice things and be remembered that way... Sometimes when the loss is sudden or unexplicable, it's so easy to say things that shouldn't have been said, and the recovery from that may never happen.

I've let my mind wander while photographing and rearranging, and come to the same place through my thoughts... I'll take this and apply it to the present, while I can tell someone how much I think of them and how fond I am of them.

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