Thursday, November 27, 2008

off the hook at the last minute

I got to sleep in this morning.... after originally thinking I would be up getting the 'bird' ready for operation roast the turkey. However, last night, while spending a couple of hours over at Jeff and Helen's house (where we are celebrating Thanksgiving later today), and talking about today, Jeff and my guy decided that our turkey (one of two turkeys for our rather large gathering) must be deep fried. That is, without a doubt, a more masculine type job in my opinion. They like to fill the pot with oil, get a propane tank hissing, and drink manly drinks around the turkey fryer.

In the spirit and execution of more masculine-type-decisions, it was made late, and there are items that are missing this morning to prepare for the operation. As I write this little blog {whilst I manage to hide my occassional grin} my guy is searching for the needle which must be inserted into the syringe which makes injecting the marinade (which according to the directions should have been completed last night) a breeze. He has already been to the store for the ingredients for the marinade; the attic to look for aforementioned needle; and is preparing to go to the store again to purchase a needle which I'm sure is very easy to find the morning of Thanksgiving :)

I wasn't anticipating a comedic morning, and my guy isn't expressing much, if any humor as he adds up the sum of all parts and comes up short, but I will tell you, here in cyberland, that I am experiencing humor with my coffee this beautiful morning. And I am thankful for being 'off the hook'.


Kathy said...

How funny and it sounds like you will have a wonderful day! Our celebration is tomorrow so today is a day busy with cleaning the house and etsy. Enjoy the day!

Kerstin said...

He's off to the store again - and I'm certain that the turkey will be delicious! what fun!


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