Tuesday, November 4, 2008

no lines!

I went to the polling place that I was supposed to around noon today with my husband... I was thinking that we probably were going to wish that we would have voted early as we waited in a long line in the light but chilly drizzle. I had visions of my entire afternoon spent waiting to exercise my rights and obligation as a citizen of this great nation. I would've waited, too, but there was no line!

We walked right to the registration table, handed over our driver's licenses, signed where we were supposed to, moved down to the lady handing out the ballots and listened to her short explanation and then we separated and cast our votes. After a bit, we finished, slipped our ballots into the machine and went out for lunch. I'm not going to tell you who I voted for, but during a conversation at lunch my husband and I discovered that we didn't vote for the same candidate... interesting, but not the topic of this blog!

The last presidential election I waited in line for just under an hour to cast my vote. I don't know about other states, but North Carolina did a great job with early voting as evidenced by our experience today. Kudos to election officials in our area - I'm impressed.

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Bear Chick said...

Here in Cali, there was a lot of early voting and we also went to the polls in the off hours (around 10AM), so we didn't have much of a line at all. It was an amazing turnout and experience all around this year.

Bookmarking your blog. Beautiful jewelry--I've been using the magnetic clasps, too. They're so much easier than toggles on bracelets.


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